Dothan's Most Exciting Beach

  • The Storm Bowl

    Riders plummet down this body slide and spin into the eye of the storm! You must be at least 48” tall to ride this slide.

  • The Twister Slides

    This slide trio includes 3 body slides - a speed slide, a closed-flume slide, and an open-flume slide - all off of a 40 foot tower! You must be at least 48” tall to ride these slides.

  • Kids Cove

    Our Kids Cove area is perfect for the little ones! With tippy buckets, water cannons, and an enclosed slide, it will be hours of fun in the sun! There are no age or height restrictions for the Kids Cove.

  • The Great White

    Plunge off a 4-story high tower for a steep, chilling, high-velocity slide you won't soon forget! You must be at least 42” tall to ride this slide.

  • Rip Tide Wave Pool

    450,000 gallons of sparkling clear water that bursts into 3-foot waves every 10 minutes. The wave pool is surrounded by a large carpeted beach area for relaxing and soaking up some fun and sun. The wave pool is for all ages and swimming abilities.  Non-swimmers and weak swimmers must be within arms-length of a swimming adult.  Coast Guard-Certified lifejackets are strongly recommended for customers who are weak or non-swimmers.